Argeș Ceramics

The first craft organization is established in Curtea de Argeș since 1948, under the name of “November 19”, the successor being the Wood Technique cooperative. Until 1955, another cooperative with a profile of footwear, garments and knitwear was set up within the city. In the same year the two cooperatives were unified under the name of “Union of Craftsmen”. The ceramics activity is assimilated in 1966 “attracting” the potters from the neighborhood of the same name, from the Flamânzești neighborhood, but also from the neighboring villages. It is diversified over the years by expanding the range of products, while improving the workforce. A permanent concern was and is the supply of the section with modern, high-performance equipment, but which would also preserve the traditional specificity. The traditional works made by folk pottery craftsmen were divided into two broad categories, present at Argcoms:

  • Clay pots and objects specific to the rustic household;
  • Ornamental clay vessels and objects.

Clay pots and objects specific to the rustic household

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The ceramic vessel is made of clay from Curtea de Argeș. Before initial use, immerse the glazed dish in hot water for about 10 minutes and let it dry. The dishes intended for food preparation are placed in the oven but not directly on the flame. They are protected with a metal plate placed between the flame and the bottom of the vessel. Unglazed dishes for storing or serving food are immersed before use in boiling water for 30 minutes. They are allowed to cool and dry and after that they can be used. After use, wash dishes only by hand with warm water without using detergents and leave to dry. In the ceramic pots, “at low fire”, a very tasty food is prepared. You can cook sarmale, steak, moussaka, baked bulz and many other traditional dishes. Liquids stored in clay vessels maintain their freshness and temperature for a long time. Ceramic dishes can also be used in the microwave. Cooking in ceramic pots keeps the natural properties of the ingredients intact, the result being a refined and healthy taste “like at home”. For your health, return to nature!

Ornamental clay vessels and objects

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Clay pots and objects are used for ornamental plants both indoors and on the balcony or in the garden. Curtea de Argeș clay ceramics, burnt, glazed and unglazed are used for floriculture and gardening. Ceramic pots ensure the comfort of plants more than any other plastic, porcelain, wood or metal pot because the walls are permeable, allowing the storage of excess water and its gradual transfer to plants when they are no longer watered. The walls of the ceramic vessels, being thicker, accumulate over time the mineral salts and other nutrients, like a deposit, and then return them to the circuit once the plants are watered. Ceramic pots, unlike those made of other materials, protect plants against sudden changes in temperature. Their walls ensure heat transfer gradually, the plant having time to adapt. To ensure the success of planting the plants, a layer of about 3-5 cm of granulated sand is placed on the bottom of the pot, over which the first special layer of flower soil is placed, then the flower is planted and then moderately watered. Watering is done at most until 1/2 of the pot’s plate is filled. Surplus water from the plate is also used by the plant when it is not watered. The water that enters through the hole of the pot, passes through the layer of granulated sand and reaches the root of the plant. Water according to the needs of the potted plant… Abuse is harmful for the plants too!

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